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ASL Readings: Skimpy Skirts And Hippie Hair

ASL Readings: 
Skimpy Skirts And Hippie Hair
Hugh F. Pyle
Sword Of The Lord Publishing. 1972

Identity Research Continued: Style & Looks

Custom Machines: Custom Lifestyle

Friday, September 19, 2014

Intimidation Research

Custom Machines

ASL Announcements: Acid Sweat Lodge: ICONS Show

The Acid Sweat Lodge will be participating in the ICONS Show
Sunday September 21 at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver British Columbia.

A.S.L. will be presenting its research booth, displaying visuals and printed research materials,
which will be available for free to like minded individuals.
The Acid Sweat Lodge will also be featuring several limited edition supplemental prints
which will only be available at the show

For more information about A.S.L. and its various programs please visit:

Acid Sweat Lodge
Lifestyle Research Collage
Released by The Acid Sweat Lodge Fall 2014
11x17 (44cm x 28.5cm) Full Colour Print
Hand Numbered and Titled
Available at the ICONS Show